There has been an increase in recruitment by institutions in Hong Kong this year

Because of the coronavirus and containment, some sectors are beginning to prepare for the end of the crisis. The number of seasonal jobs has exploded this summer. Temporary employment agency Qapa has registered more than 250000 such jobs, BFMTV reported on Tuesday.

Bar Pacific’s intimate small wedding reception hong kong are here to help you turn your big day into a collection of seamless and unforgettable moments.As expected, agriculture is the main sector of recruitment, with no less than 200000 jobs listed in this area. With the closure of the border, foreign workers serving during the harvest season are likely to not be able to come to France. Other industries looking for seasonal workers include mass distribution, food, logistics and sanitation.

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It should be noted that the hotel and catering industry, one of the main sectors of summer recruitment, is currently in a state of uncertainty and is still waiting for the resumption of activities.

In addition, in the face of such an abundant supply of jobs, demand has exploded. Qapa counted a total of 500000 application documents. "the large number of candidates that can be seen everywhere in France have been strengthened because a large number of students will not be able to attend classes until October, so they are actively looking for summer jobs," the website explained. "

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